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General Form of the FORALL-ELSEFORALL Construct

XBNF forall-construct -to -rule to to is FORALL (forall-triplet-spec-list [,scalar-mask-expr ]) forall-body-stmt-list [ELSEFORALL] [elseforall-body-stmt-list] END FORALL

forall-body-stmt -to -rule to to is forall-assignment -to or forall-stmt -to or forall-construct

elseforall-body-stmt -to -rule to to is forall-body-stmt XBNF

For each index name in the forall-assignments, the set of permitted values is determined on entry to the construct and is and where m1, m2, and m3 are the values of the first subscript, the second subscript, and the stride respectively in the forall-triplet-spec. If stride is missing, it is as if it were present with a value of the integer 1. The expression stride must not have the value 0. If for some index name , the forall-assignments are not executed.
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