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This document uses the same notation as the Fortran~90 standard. In particular, the same conventions are used for syntax rules. BNF descriptions of language features are given in the style used in the Fortran~90 standard. To distinguish HPF syntax rules from Fortran~90 rules, each HPF rule has an identifying number of the form Hsnn, where s is a one-digit major section number and nn is a one- or two-digit sequence number. The syntax rules are also collected in Annex . Nonterminals not defined in this document are defined in the Fortran 90 standard. Also note that certain technical terms such as ``storage unit'' are defined by the Fortran 90 standard; Annex identifies the Fortran 90 rules defining these nonterminals. References in parentheses in the text refer to the Fortran 90 standard.
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