Optional argument. DIM
Description. Returns all the lower bounds or a specified lower bound of the actual HPF global array argument associated with an HPF_LOCAL dummy array argument.
Class. Inquiry function.

ARRAY may be of any type. It must not be a scalar. It must be a dummy array argument of an HPF_LOCAL procedure which is argument associated with a global HPF array actual argument.

DIM (optional) must be scalar and of type integer with a value in the range , where is the rank of ARRAY. The corresponding actual argument must not be an optional dummy argument.
Result Type, Type Parameter and Shape. The result is of type default integer. It is scalar if DIM is present; otherwise the result is an array of rank one and size , where is the rank of ARRAY.
Result Value.

(i): If the actual argument associated with the actual argument associated with ARRAY is an array section or an array expression, other than a whole array or an array structure component, GLOBAL_LBOUND(ARRAY, DIM) has the value 1; otherwise it has a value equal to the lower bound for subscript DIM of the actual argument associated with the actual argument associated with ARRAY.

(ii): GLOBAL_LBOUND(ARRAY) has a value whose th component is equal to GLOBAL_LBOUND(ARRAY, ), for where is the rank of ARRAY.

Examples. Assuming A is declared by the statement

INTEGER A(3:100, 200)

and is argument associated with B, the value of GLOBAL_LBOUND(B) is ,3 1,, plus 1filll -1;3 1,; plus 1filll -1:3 1,: plus 1filll -1.3 1,. plus 1filll -13 1, plus 1filll-1. If B is argument associated with the section, A(5:10, 10), the value of GLOBAL_LBOUND(B, 1) is 1.
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