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Since its introduction over three decades ago, Fortran has been the language of choice for scientific programming for sequential computers. Exploiting the full capability of modern architectures, however, increasingly requires more information than ordinary FORTRAN 77 or Fortran 90 programs provide. This information applies to such areas as:

The High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF) was founded as a coalition of industrial and academic groups working to suggest a set of standard extensions to Fortran to provide the necessary information. Its intent was to develop extensions to Fortran that provide support for high performance programming on a wide variety of machines, including massively parallel SIMD and MIMD systems and vector processors. From its beginning, HPFF included most vendors delivering parallel machines, a number of government laboratories, and many university research groups. Public input was encouraged to the greatest extent possible. The result of this project is this document, intended to be a language specification portable from workstations to massively parallel supercomputers while being able to express the algorithms needed to achieve high performance on specific architectures.
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