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Description. Scatters elements of MASK to positions of the result indicated by index arrays INDX1, ..., INDXn. An element of the result is true if and only if the corresponding element of BASE and all elements of MASK scattered to that position are true.

Class. Transformational function.


MASK must be of type logical. It must not be scalar.

BASE must be of type logical with the same kind type parameter as MASK. It must not be scalar.

INDX1,...,INDXn must be of type integer and conformable with MASK. The number of INDX arguments must be equal to the rank of BASE.

Result Type, Type Parameter, and Shape. Same as BASE.

Result Value. The element of the result corresponding to the element of BASE has the value ALL( (//) ), where () are the elements of MASK associated with as described in Section 7.4.4.

Example. ALL_SCATTER( (/T, T, T, F/), (/T, T, T/), (/1, 1, 2, 2/) ) is [T F T].