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Special Considerations for F77_LOCAL

The EXTRINSIC(F77_LOCAL) interface extends the HPF_LOCAL and FORTRAN_LOCAL extrinsic interfaces to meet the needs of Fortran 77 programmers.

This EXTRINSIC type uses the syntax for calling extrinsic subprograms described above. It can be described more precisely as an EXTRINSIC(LANGUAGE="0DF77"0D,MODEL="0DLOCAL"0D) interface. The basic conventions for transferring control between global and local routines described previously in Section 11.1 also apply.

However, the differences in argument passing and data distribution between these two languages, as well as the different possible motivations for using such an interface, can be better addressed by allowing additional options for passing data and distribution information. These options are provided with the help of LAYOUT and PASS_BY attributes.