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HPFF94 Acknowledgments


The HPF 1.1 version of the document was prepared during the HPFF94 series of meetings. A number of people shared technical responsibilities for the activities of the HPFF94 meetings:

Attendence at the HPFF94 meetings included the following people from organizations that were represented two or more times.

Don Heller Ames Laboratory
Jerrold Wagener Amoco Production Company
John Levesque Applied Parallel Research
Ian Foster Argonne National Laboratory
Terry Pratt CESDIS/NASA Goddard
Jim Cowie Cooperating Systems
Andy Meltzer, Jon Steidel Cray Research, Inc.
David Loveman Digital Equipment Corporation
Bruce Olsen Hewlett Packard
E. Nunohiro, Satoshi Itoh Hitachi
Henry Zongaro IBM
Piyush Mehrotra Institute for Computer Applications in Science & Engineering
Bob Knighten, Roy Touzeau Intel SSD
Mary Zosel, Bor Chan, Karen Warren Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ralph Brickner Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. Ramanujam Louisiana State University
Paula Vaughan, Donna Reese Mississippi State University and NSF ERC
Shoichi Sakon, Yoshiki Seo NEC
P. Sadayappan, Chua-Huang Huang Ohio State University
Andrew Johnson OSF Research Institute
Chip Rodden, Jeff Vanderlip Pacific Sierra Research
Larry Meadows, Doug Miles The Portland Group, Inc.
Robert Schreiber Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
Ken Kennedy, Charles Koelbel Rice University
Ira Baxter Schlumberger
Alok Choudhary Syracuse University
Guy Steele Thinking Machines Corporation, Sun Microsystems
Richard Shapiro Thinking Machines Corp., Silicon Graphics Inc.
Scott Baden, Val Donaldson University of California, San Diego
Robert Babb University of Denver
Joel Saltz, Paul Havlak University of Maryland
Nicole Nemer-Preece University of Missouri-Rolla
Hans Zima, Siegfried Benkner, Thomas Fahringer University of Vienna

An important activity of HPFF94 was the processing of the many items submitted for comment and interpretation which led to the HPF 1.1 update of the language document. A special acknowlegement goes to Henry Zongaro, IBM, for many thoughtful questions exposing dark corners of language design that were previously overlooked, and to Guy Steele, Thinking Machines/Sun Microsystems for his analysis of, and solutions for some of the thornier issues discussed. And general thanks to the people who submitted comments and interpretation requests, including:

David Loveman, Michael Hennecke, James Cownie, Adam Marshall, Stephen Ehrlich, Mary Zosel, Matt Snyder, Larry Meadows, Dick Hendrickson, Dave Watson, John Merlin, Vasanth Bala, Paul.Wesson, Denis.Hugli, Stanly Steinberg, Henk Sips, Henry Zongaro, Eiji_Nunohiro, Jens Bloch Helmers, Rob Schreiber, David B. Serafini, and Allan Knies.

Other special mention goes to Chuck Koelbel at Rice University for continued maintenance of the HPFF mailing lists, to Donna Reese and staff at Mississippi State University for establishing and maintaining a WWW home-page for HPFF, and to the University of Maryland for establishing a benchmark FTP site.

Theresa Chatman and staff at Rice University were responsible for meeting planning and organization and Danny Powell continued to handle financial details of the project.

HPFF94 received direct support for research and administrative activities from grants from ARPA, DOE, and NSF.

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