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The HPF Local Routine Library is available in HPF_CRAFT. The HPF_LOCAL extrinsic environment contains a number of libraries that are useful for local SPMD programming and a number of libraries that allow the user to determine global (rather than local) state information. These library procedures take as input the name of a dummy argument and return information on the corresponding global HPF actual argument. They may only be invoked by an HPF_CRAFT procedure that was directly invoked by global HPF code. They may be called only for private data. The libraries reside in a module called HPF_LOCAL_LIBRARY.

The HPF Library is available to HPF_CRAFT when called with data that is explicitly mapped and all processors are participating in the call. In addition, as in HPF_LOCAL, the entire HPF Library is available for use with private data. Mixing private and explicitly mapped data in calls to the HPF library produces undefined behavior.