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Global HPF Subgrid Inquiry Routine

The F77_LOCAL library interface includes only one global HPF subroutine, HPF_SUBGRID_INFO, whose implementation should be added as an extension to the standard HPF Library module. Its purpose is to provide per-processor information about the local subgrids of distributed arrays. This information is often critical when passing such arrays to local procedures written in FORTRAN 77, where array argument shapes must be stated explicitly in the local procedure (except in the last dimension; there are ``assumed size'' but no ``assumed shape'' arrays) , but may be expressed in terms of arguments passed at run time (``adjustable shape arrays''). Thus the subgrid parameters obtained from this subgrid inquiry routine can be passed as arguments to the local routines and used there to describe the extents of the locally visible portions of global HPF arrays, as the example in Section G.5 will demonstrates.