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Function and Subroutine Statements

An extrinsic-prefix may appear in a function-stmt or subroutine-stmt (as defined in the Fortran standard) in the same place that the keywords RECURSIVE, PURE, and ELEMENTAL may appear. This is specified by an extension of rule R1219 for prefix-spec in the Fortran standard. Rules R1217 for function-stmt, R1218 for prefix, and R1222 for subroutine-stmt are not changed, but are restated here for reference.

H601 function-stmt is [ prefix ] FUNCTION function-name
    ( [ dummy-arg-name-list ] )
    [ RESULT ( result-name ) ]
H602 subroutine-stmt is [ prefix ] SUBROUTINE subroutine-name
    [ ( [ dummy-arg-list ] ) ]
H603 prefix is prefix-spec [ prefix-spec ] ...
H604 prefix-spec is type-spec
or extrinsic-prefix

The definition of characteristics of a procedure as given in F95:12.2 is extended to include the procedure's extrinsic kind.