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Intrinsic and Library Procedures


HPF includes Fortran's intrinsic procedures. It also adds new intrinsic procedures in two categories: system inquiry intrinsic functions and computational intrinsic functions.

In addition to the new intrinsic functions, HPF defines a library module, HPF_LIBRARY, that must be provided by vendors of any full HPF implementation.

This description of HPF intrinsic and library procedures follows the form and conventions of the Fortran standard. The material of Sections F95:13.1, F95:13.2, F95:13.3, F95:13.5.7, F95:13.8.1, F95:13.8.2, F95:13.9, and F95:13.10 is applicable to the HPF intrinsic and library procedures and to their descriptions in this section of the HPF document.