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The FORTRAN 77 Local Library

  The HPF standard now describes an EXTRINSIC(LANGUAGE="0DF77"0D,MODEL="0DLOCAL"0D) interface, or EXTRINSIC(F77_LOCAL) to use the keyword identification (see Section 11.6 for its description), similar in characteristics to the EXTRINSIC(LANGUAGE="0DHPF"0D,MODEL="0DLOCAL"0D) and EXTRINSIC(LANGUAGE="0DFORTRAN"0D,MODEL="0DLOCAL"0D) interfaces. This section describes a set of library routines to make it easier to make use of the F77_LOCAL interface when passing distributed array data. These library routines can facilitate, for example, a portable blend of global data parallel code with preexisting FORTRAN 77-based code using explicit message passing calls for interprocessor communication. The FORTRAN 77 Local Library interface described in this section was originally developed as part of Thinking Machines TMHPF and is now supported by Sun Microsystems Inc. For suggestions, requests, or corrections concerning this interface, please contact

Sun Microsystems Inc.

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